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Saturday, May 14, 2022

SHIFT is live art and music event unlike anything experienced in our area. This event creates a colorful canvas for attendees to paint their energy and creativity via professional art demonstrations, digital art, hands-on activities, dancing and performances. SHIFT is an immersive art experience for those that want to put themselves in the center of the experience or sit back and enjoy the festivities. When we talk  about SHIFT, it has a couple of different meanings. First, our guest DJs and entertainers will be SHIFTing energy throughout the evening via their music and event lighting. It will begin as a serene experience for people with sensory sensitivities and will gradually build in tempo and intensity throughout the night. The second meaning is SHIFTing mindsets around what people with disabilities can do. At InsideOut, we focus on abilities and broadening skill sets so people with disabilities can gain independence and make their own income.



Friday, September 9, 2022

We hope you’ll hit the course with us this year for our second annual Inspo Studios Golf Classic! This 18-hole event will be held at Potter’s Park in Hamilton, Ohio and includes carts, on-course contests, a hole-in-one prize opportunity, beverages during play, and an after-play awards ceremony with dinner & drinks. Our clients will be there – playing, challenging you to contests and spreading the message of inspiration! From tee off to your final putt, you’ll be supporting our programs for individuals with developmental disabilities in their pursuit to earn an income and feel a sense of purpose! You can also directly participate with our artists from InsideOut Studio in an art experience for Hamilton Parks. It will be a golf outing like you’ve never been to before!

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