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InsideOut Studio is a vocational habilitation program that employs individuals with disabilities. This program provides the opportunity for artists with disabilities to produce, market, and receive an income from their art, while gaining confidence in their abilities. Art is for everyone, but unfortunately, artists with disabilities typically earn only 42% compared to their peers. Over 87% live in poverty. There is a significant need for programs like InsideOut, which not only encourage and develop the talent of artists with disabilities, but provide formalized training on how to market, present, and sell their art professionally

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Transportation is a prevalent area of concern for many communities, especially the developmental disabilities community. In a 2003 US Department of Transportation report, 12% of Americans with disabilities reported difficulty getting transportation, as compared to only 3% of people without disabilities. Inspired Transport, would ONLY provide transportation for individuals with disabilities, as opposed to many of the other transportation companies that do not have specialized training in working with those that we serve. It is important to us that the drivers of our fleet be trained to interact with and be sensitive to the needs of individuals with disabilities.

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